Pete and Duane’s Window is a program that explores our world in transition including topics such as consciousness, world trends, sustainability, spirituality, and our collective future. The show’s hosts, Peter Russell and Duane Elgin, are internationally recognized visionaries who have known one another for decades, and share an interest in awakening consciousness, both personal and global.  As “evolutionary elders,” they see this time as pivotal for our species.

In collaboration with Coleen LeDrew Elgin, they co-created Pete and Duane’s Window—a view of the world’s dynamics and trends, the potential for conscious evolution, and the opportunity to live sustainably and compassionately. They hope this program will generate deeper inquiry and conversation about our common future.  With Coleen’s help, they utilized the Marin Community Media Center and a team of volunteers to create the current series.

The shows below are available for free viewing and download and are approximately 28 minutes in length. We welcome your comments on the themes of programs and have a comment form at the bottom of each video page. The audio from each show is now available for download.   See the video page for each show below.

DVD now available
The shows are now available on DVD from amazon.com.

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Awakening Earth
Pilot (June 2010)

Is humanity waking up to a new level of consciousness?  What changes in consciousness are underway?  Can we wake up in time?

Our World in Transition
Show 1 (Sept 2010)

We explore powerful trends transforming our world and three scenarios for the future: 1) business as usual, 2) unstoppable decline, and 3) profound maturation.

The Roots of Our Crisis
Show 2 (Sept 2010)

What are the psychological and spiritual roots of our global challenges?  How can we awaken from the cultural hypnosis of consumerism and materialism?

Take Back the Airwaves
Show 3 (Oct 2010)

We are in a race between communication and catastrophe. We explore our communication rights and how to create a more conscious democracy.

The Mind of the Dolphin
Show 4 (Oct 2010)

How intelligent are dolphins?  What goes on inside their minds? What can we learn from being with them in the wild? Includes footage from dolphin encounters

Science and Spirituality
Show 5 (Nov 2010)

Science and spirituality are often seen as being in conflict.  Yet, do they share a common understanding of reality?

Be Love Now
Show 6 (Nov 2010)

Following Pete’s recent visit with the spiritual teacher Ram Dass, we explore the foundations of love, how we can bring more of that quality into our own lives, and the impact of the sixties on contemporary culture.

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